Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jeez, it seems like ages since I've been on this thing. Okay, well, first of all I'd just like to thank everyone who has emailed me in my limbo. Your interest in Xombies, Xombie Rama, and my other work has been a tremendous encouragement over the past year, and I'm amazed and truly grateful to still be hearing from fans. I've responded to pretty much every email I've received, but from the lack of follow-up I'm beginning to suspect that most (if not all) of my emails are getting blocked by people's spam filters. I don't know how to prevent this, so if you email me, make sure to check your spam file over the next few days. I can almost guarantee I'll be in there, screaming to be let out.

Most folks have asked me what's going on with Xombie Rama, and I can only say I wish I knew. The book is finished, I love it, but with the glut of zombie stuff on the market, I guess publishers have cooled to the genre--I know I have. Hell, I never intended to be part of any kind of zombie genre in the first place, so it's especially annoying to be consigned to the post-craze hangover. But I'm confident Xombie Rama will come out eventually. It's good stuff.

In the meantime, I've written a non-Xombies-related conspiracy thriller, a demented action extravaganza like the Bourne saga on LSD, which is making the rounds of publishers right now. In fact I'm going a little nuts here, which is why I haven't been blogging or doing much of anything except chewing my fingernails to the quick. I'll let you know the minute I hear anything.