Monday, May 24, 2010

Haven't blogged much lately because I've been so busy. Right now I'm closing in on two book deadlines, plus some friends and I just made a movie for the Boston 48-Hour Film Festival, plus I did some voice acting for a friend's podcast radio show. This plus all the usual hectic demands of life. But I'm not complaining--in fact, I love being busy. My only fear is that now that I finally have all these wonderful things to do, I'll be struck by lightning or something.

I was getting a lot of migraines recently, so I thought I might have an aneurism like that Brett Michaels guy, but I think it's just eyestrain from being on the computer too much. I dug out an old pair of prescription glasses I bought to pass the eye exam at Electric Boat, and they seem to have helped...except that now I'm an old dude who needs glasses to read! Sad...sad...

Speaking of the 48-Hour Film Fest, my friend Steve Ahlquist just signed us up for the Providence one in July. It's always a fun and hellish experience to make a watchable short film within that time limit, using story elements supplied by the festival programmers. We've entered films in the contest for a few years in a row now, but by far my favorite is the movie we just made for the Boston fest. We were assigned the Horror category, which is usually an excuse to go crazy with gore or silly comedy or both. But the film we made, Larval, is so much more interesting than that, and I think genuinely disturbing, using only the power of suggestion to create a sense of dread. It'll never win. Anyway, I'm really proud of it, and hope to put a link to it here soon. Steve did an amazing job editing it on Adam Miner's workstation, and Dave Ray shot it beautifully (especially considering our low-res camera). Adam's son, Little Adam, was perfect as the budding psychopath who narrates his grisly coming-of-age.