Saturday, March 03, 2007


Phew, it's been awhile since I've blogged. It's only because I've been totally occupied for the past half year or so finishing my big ol' Xombies sequel, Xombie Rama. I've also been doing some promo artwork for it (or perhaps for a future graphic novelization), as well as working on several other projects.

Just spent three days at the New York Comic-Con--damn, what a mob. I tagged along with fellow SLG artists Dave Ray, Steve Ahlquist, and Chris Reilly, and the four of us stayed in the same hotel as Chewbacca--Peter Mayhew--feeling like the shambling giant was following us around everywhere we went. That was kind of surreal, as was meeting comic giants like Kyle Baker and Arthur Suydam. I was hoping to meet Aline Crumb, but missed her on the first day. It's just as well: I never know what to say to people like that, and always come off sounding like an ass.

Whenever the convention got to be too much (and by Sunday it was all too much), I wandered the freezing streets of Manhattan, eating hot dogs from Gray's Papaya and checking out the porn shops along 8th Avenue--that's the New York I remember: fire-gutted taxicabs and drifts of blowing garbage. Sweet, sweet squalor.


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