Monday, June 01, 2009

Just saw George Romero's Day of the Dead for the first time in a few years. Not Romero's best (or worst) movie, but it has some great performances. A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to a horror convention that hosted almost everybody from this film, including George Romero himself. Fun bunch, and they obviously still love talking to fans about that movie. I was able to give George a signed copy of my book in appreciation for all the zombie pleasure he's given me over the years, and also gave one to Lori Cardille (star of Day of the Dead) in exchange for her book I'm Gonna Tell. I have to say she's still pretty hot.

I remember the first time I saw Day of the Dead. It didn't come to Providence, so my girlfriend and I made a special trip to New York City just to see it. This was a big deal because neither of us made much money--I was a garage cashier, and she worked at a daycare center--but I was a huge fan of Romero's two previous zombie films, especially Dawn of the Dead, and I had to see this one. Day was playing at a big theater on Times Square, with incredible sound and freezing air-conditioning. The movie had just opened a week or two earlier, but the matinee we attended was almost empty. I felt bad for George, but at least we had great seats. Then: Wham!--that wonderful opening scene with the helicopter landing in a zombie-infested city. Thank God, George had done it again.

It was a very good weekend.


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