Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, it's almost New Year again. What did I like this year? Hmm. Well, I had some great dim sum at China Pearl in Boston--best shrimp dumplings ever. I really liked having breakfast (usually polenta and eggs, but sometimes the world's best corned beef hash) at the Modern Diner ever Saturday morning with my wife. I enjoyed spending my Saturday nights watching old kung-fu movies and weirdbeard horror flicks with my friends Dave, Steve, Adam, and Dan. It was a cool experience going to ThrillerFest with author Nate Kenyon, and I had fun at Comic-Con in San Diego (where I got to be on a panel with Amber Benson, who is even more of a knockout than she was on Buffy), even though I stupidly missed my flight out. But once I did catch another plane, it was nice to visit San Francisco and spend time with my in-laws and my agent. I also liked going to New York and meeting my editor, Danielle, and hanging out with one of my comic-book idols, Bob Fingerman. It was great having my book come out for the second time (I have a feeling it's not the last), selling a short story to The Living Dead 2, and knowing my Xombies sequel is finally coming out. I liked the movies Avatar, No Country For Old Men, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Zombieland, and my vote for the best vampire movie ever: Let the Right One In.


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