Friday, March 09, 2007

All right, I'm just testing out this new Blogger version--bunch of rigamarole...

Saw a couple of great movies lately: Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men. I expected Pan's Labyrinth to be good, but hadn't heard much about Children of Men, so that one really blew me away. Both movies have "happy" endings that are very open to interpretation, fantasies that could be nothing more than the final delusions of dying people. I love that. Looking forward to seeing 300 next.

Working my way through the collection of '70s Man-Thing comics I picked up at the NY Comic-Con. I was a big fan of Man-Thing as a kid, but I came into the story late and missed all the early issues, so it's kind of cool to be able to finally catch up on all that now. Some of it is incredibly dumb, but there's good stuff there, too--a lot of still-relevant issues like ecology, racism, censorship, and the energy crisis. I heard they made a terrible, terrible horror movie out of Man-Thing not long ago, and that's a real crime--there are enough tales of magic and mayhem there (not to mention the hottest witch ever) to make a fantastic, Buffy-esque TV series. You hear that, Hollywood? That's the sound of money slipping through your fingers! Man-Thing was also the spawning ground for another great character that got completely trashed in the jump from comic to screen: Howard the Duck. Back in my newspaper days I wrote a review of that movie, expressing my feelings about what the studio did to it: Howard the Dud--Tar and Feathers.


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