Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just saw Sam Raimi's new movie Drag Me to Hell--not bad. In fact pretty damn good, with a number of classic Raimi frights and gross-outs. Not in the same league as Evil Dead, but at least a return to the same general territory. The only real letdown is the climactic seance scene, which has a great buildup but no real payoff. But overall it's a very fun movie, with terrific performances all around.

Oh, I just had a bit of good news: It looks like a story of mine will be included in the zombie anthology The Living Dead 2, edited by John Joseph Adams. I feel honored, because the first book had such a big impact and so many great writers.

Speaking of writers, I'll be attending the NY ThrillerFest in July, and taking part in a panel discussion on the topic of writing. So if anyone wants to ask me anything, that's where I'll be. Then later in July I'll be in San Diego for Comic-Con, where I'll be taking part in another panel discussion with a group of horror novelists. You may think this all I do: fly around the country taking part in panel discussions. But no--I do many other wonderful things, such as saving avocado pits in case I ever want to grow my own avocado tree. Then I eventually throw them out. But it's a beautiful thought.


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