Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just saw the movie Kick-Ass, and I must say it kinda kicked ass. I had seen the comic, so was expecting the film to be pretty good, and it didn't disappoint. Everybody was good in it, but the standout performance was Chloe Moretz as the half-pint assassin Hit Girl. She'd make a great Lulu if they adapt my Xombies books into movies.

Speaking of geeking, I just read in Entertainment Weekly that the guy, Rinzler, who wrote the definitive book on the making of Star Wars (called The Making of Star Wars), is now coming out with The Making of The Empire Strikes Back. That makes me very happy, since I've just begun reading the first book for the third time and am wearing it out. For somebody like me, who was obsessed with Star Wars as a teenager and thought I knew every obscure factoid about it (I still own the rare Star Wars edition of American Cinematographer), it is wonderful to be able to delve into all the technical, behind-the-scenes stuff that I always wondered about. I'll be curious to read about The Empire Strikes Back, but after that I'm not sure I'll have the same interest in any of the other films, which were really just products of a massive entertainment empire--unlike the first film, which was very experimental and quite risky. People forget how difficult it was for George Lucas to get that movie made, which is what makes it all so interesting to read about.


Anonymous KnittyOtter said...

My honey really wanted to see Kick Ass. Knowing nothing at all about it other than what I saw in the trailer I was irritated as it looked like some lame kiddie movie... Boy was I wrong and so fracking surprised with what actually took place. :D It reminded me a bit of Kill Bill crossed with the Watchmen. Love. I should have trusted my honey not to want to see some crack ass movie, but I lack faith in most things... It was probably the best movie I've seen so far this year. Not that many good movies have come through here. Of course being occupied as I have I'm sure I've missed something along the way, so who knows. It would be way awesome if your books were made into movies. I'd even buy a ticket for George to go see it in the theater. ;)

12:47 PM  
Blogger Walter Greatshell said...

Hi, KnittyOtter! Glad to hear you folks liked Kick Ass as much as I did--wasn't that a blast? That's a perfect comparison: Kill Bill plus Watchmen. Hey, if my books are ever made into movies, I'm taking George to the Oscars...and he has to wear your knitted fashions!

6:38 AM  

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