Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks to everybody who has been kind enough to offer congratulations on my four-book deal with Berkley. It never fails to amaze me that I still have fans after being in limbo for the last five years--I love you people.

Here's how the deal will play out: Apocalypse Blues (formerly called Xombies) will be released this October (I just discovered it can be pre-ordered now on Amazon--unbelievable!), followed five months later by the epic sequel, Apocalypticon, in March. With all due humility, I predict Apocalypticon is going to be big--it goes places no zombie novel has gone before, and I've been polishing the damn thing for five years. It's the War and Peace of zombie novels.

These two books will be followed by my latest novel, Mad Skillz, sometime in Fall 2010. I'm particularly excited about Mad Skillz because it is a bit of a departure from the Xombies series (though it takes place in the same universe, pre-apocalypse, and shares several characters). It's a funhouse-ride of a conspiracy thriller, about an ordinary young woman who survives a terrible accident only to become a guinea-pig for mind-control technology, a la The Manchurian Candidate. The fourth book is still up in the air, but I'm thinking of capping off the Apocalypse trilogy with a big bang. What happens after that...who knows? I'm just glad to be workin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought Xombies when it came out, and I really enjoyed it. Your publisher may want to reconsider the renaming, since there's a book that came out last year called "Apocalypse Blue" (notice the lack of an 's').

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