Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last night I was hanging around in my local Barnes & Noble, looking at books about viral marketing. Trying to get more web-savvy. Learning how to "promote my product more effectively." And as I flipped through the pages of helpful internet tips, the same thing started to happen that always happens: I could feel my eyes glaze over, my brain grow fuzzy. A deep sense of dread curdled my guts--the same dread I used to feel as a kid in school. I hated school. All I wanted to do all day was read, write, and draw (okay, and stare at girls), and they kept making me do all this other crap. It was torture, pure torture, and I couldn't wait for it to end. But it never ends!

You know what I do like, though? Good Mexican food. And there's no better place for authentic Mexican cuisine than Mexico Garibaldi, on Atwells Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. From their delicious chips and salsas (don't miss the guacamole!) to their scrumptious chiles rellenos and delectable barbacoa de chivo (served with seasoned rice, salad, and warm corn tortillas), Mexico Garibaldi is a taste of Old Mexico--right here in the USA!


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