Monday, October 05, 2009

Why did I make the Xombie plague strike women first? Is it because I hate women? No, of course not--it's because I wanted to turn the tables on men. Considering the horrible way women are treated in most of the world, I thought it would be interesting (and sort of funny) to create a situation where suddenly it is men who are the "weaker sex," forced to hide and flee for their lives from rapacious women. But rather than have a man be the focus of the story, I decided to flip the situation even more by having a teenage girl tell the tale--a girl who is seemingly immune to the Maenad epidemic, and who must cope with not only Xombies but also paranoid, hostile males.


Blogger Kimber An said...

And what if women can't or won't make and raise babies? What happens to the human race in a generation?

11:56 AM  

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