Monday, November 09, 2009

Just saw the movie Pontypool--not bad, considering the whole movie essentially takes place in one room. It's a Canadian zombie movie about three people working in the studio of a small-town (the town's name is Pontypool) radio station, who gradually become aware that people outside are becoming cannibalistic maniacs. The reason for this is that certain ordinary words have somehow become "infected," meaning if you speak or hear them you turn into a crazy, word-obsessed freak. It's like the ultimate OCD. And because a radio host's job is to talk about everything that's happening, it becomes a very irony-laden situation.

The acting is uniformly good, especially the Don Imus-like radio host, and there are some creepy moments as he fields various callers describing what's going on, but by the end the interesting premise gets stretched a bit thin. This would have been perfect as one of those old-time radio plays rather than a film. Still, the whole thing is handled intelligently, and I enjoyed it.


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