Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey, check out the cool cover art for my next novel XOMBIES: APOCALYPTICON (release date: Feb. 29th. 2010). That's Sal DeLuca there on the cover, wearing his BMX jacket. I have to say I love that tagline--whoever at Ace Books came up with that, thank you. Also that red color scheme makes a nice companion for the blue scheme of XOMBIES: APOCALYPSE BLUES.

Speaking of which, XOMBIES: APOCALYPSE BLUES has officially been on sale for one week. I'm freaking out thinking I should be doing something, but I don't know quite what. I've been dropping by bookstores to sign their copies, which is good, but sometimes they have no copies and then I'm sad. My next actual book signing is at Pandemonium Books (4 Pleasant St. in Cambridge, MA) at 7pm on Wednesday, Oct. 21st. It's a cool store, so I'm looking forward to that. I'll also be joining an online chat on WriterSpace from 8-8:30pm on October 28, and I think XOMBIES will be a featured book on the Fresh Fiction website that same day. Plus I'm having a book giveaway on Goodreads through Dec. 7th.


Blogger Kimber An said...

Don't know what to do? Well, I have a couple of suggestions.

1) Always bring a load of your own books to the signings, just in case. The bookstore may be uninterested or they may be sold out because your book is so popular. Try to believe the latter. Either way, you don't want to have eager readers there with nothing to give them, because each one has five friends to tell how great your book is, and so on.

2) SEND ME AN ARC! I just saw the first book in the store and I wanted it bad. The second sounds really cool too. I think my Blog Buddies will like them too. Pop over to

to see if we're the kind of blogging book reviewers you want to hang out with. Despite the title, we review all genres, except Horror and Erotica.

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